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Our projects

Rehabilitation of disabled people

Blind and people with a small visual impairment, people with wheelchairs, people with Dawn’s syndrome and cerebral palsy, deaf and deafblind.

Helping those in need

Accommodation for large poor families, zakyat and gushur, Kurban meat, carrying out iftars, support prisoners.

Work with addicted people

Drug, alcohol and game addictions. Detoxification, rehabilitation of addicted, coding.

Care of adopted children

Children house “family hearth” and building pension for boys from troubled families.

Campaign "My help"

This is the provision of charitable certificates with a face value of 1000 rubles for self-selection of a grocery basket in the meat and grocery stores of a partner of the fund.

I read the Quran with my soul

Give a blind person a complete set of the Holy Quran on behalf of your family.

Версия для слабовидящих

About us

Russian Federation, city Kazan, 4a Serova str., tеl.:

Республика Татарстан, г. Казань, ул.Серова, 4а.
Тел.: 8(800) 101-5085