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Nowadays “Yardem” foundation has no equivalents in Russia and in CIS countries. It’s a unique organisation permanent and without public funding that dealing with sightless people rehabilitation. Every month about 90 people with sight disability come to our centre. We provide the accommodation, food, expert’s work, elementary rehabilitation, spiritual rehabilitation, teaching for practical skills, housekeeping skills, computer-literacy, reading by Braille system, also we supply them with a set of Braille books. We have our own and published the methodology of rehabilitation for sightless.
Also, we work with other categories of the disabled person such as disabled with a wheelchair, the person with Down’s syndrome, person with cerebral palsy, deaf and hear-impaired person, and even deaf-blind person. Small amount of society working with this category of people, but now “yardem” the foundation has a specialist in each category of a disabled person and its building of rehabilitation centre in Kazan. Some of the categories didn’t have a methodology of rehabilitation; over the years we were able to develop our methods whereby we rehabilitate people.

Besides disabled person, we engaged in the rehabilitation of addicted people (drug addiction, alcoholism and gaming): detoxification, withdrawal, work of the experts in narcology, the neurologists and psychotherapists, coding, changing the life priorities, sportive and spiritual rehabilitation. Also “Yardem” foundation annually collect and distribute facilities of Zakyat and Gushur, the foundation gives away the sacrificial animal’s meat to people in need; It feeds 1000 people daily during the Ramadan month. The Foundation bought some houses for large families in need; it regularly supports prisoners with the products and religious literature that made up his mind to change their life priorities to the faith. The foundation provides work of some Islamic mass-media, organizes regular courses of learning The Kuran annually releasing about 70 people.

Other separate priority of “Yardem” foundation is children. It came out that we established children house “family hearth”, which nowadays accepted 10 children from the orphanage, where we provide, teach and employ them. So this experience let us form necessary methodologies, which help us conduct courses for adoptive parents and social workers every month. Also, “Yardem” foundation is ready to start building pension for boys from troubled families.

Every month for work the foundation needs about 3 million roubles. We studied to earn money independently: the foundation has typography, PR-agency, café and banquet hall for Muslim festivities. Also, we invite all comers to enter our board of trustees, where every member monthly sets aside his contribution by any feasible but stable amount. Besides we appeal to the management of large companies and well-known Maecenas for one-time help, and in shopping centres of Kazan about 100 boxes for donations are located.